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If You Are You Ready To Financially Invest In Yourself:
Nothing is worse than graduating college, completing your masters, getting married, having children, starting a business and still feeling that you’re not enough. Your not enough even after having the perfect home, driving multiple cars, living in a prestigious neighborhood. What else do you need to do to have a fulfilled life? Why does it feel like you’re eating the crumbs off someone else’s table, allowing the circumstances of life to dictate your opportunities, instead of setting your own table and creating the life you want?   

How do I set my own table? What if others don’t join me for my feast? This fear of rejection and failure prevents us from believing that we are more than enough.  It is so real that we had to designed this one of a kind training for men.
If you’re a husband, father, or man who has never been mentored, discipled, or fathered on how to lead your family, business, or yourself. If your stuck in your vision and need a jolt of clarity that produces confidence then results. If life is not working out the way you had dreamed and you just can’t seem to get the break your needing. If you’re ready to take your personal and professional life to the next level, acquire the practical tools needed, and can’t stay where you’re at any longer, this training is for you…

Those who are waiting for something to happen to them and are not willing to take the responsibility to make something different happen. Those who complain more than they are willing to commit. Those who make excuses for their lack of financial success instead of producing a game plan for success. Bottom line, it’s not for those who don’t believe they are the master of their fate and captain of their soul but still looking for a “savior” and not willing to be the leader their wife, children, business and community is waiting for.
An Abundant Mindset is having the ability to know that you’re whole and complete, lacking nothing; NOTHING! Being able to be in the present moment with the people you love, the project you created and the body you have, knowing whatever you need is here now. An Abundant Mindset is seeing each circumstances of life, “positive or negative”, as an opportunity to gain your vision and grow in your leadership.

Leaders live by making declarations. A declaration is kinda like an unwavering commitment. His declaration won't be made from having evidence it will work, needing any one’s agreement or waiting on someone’s approval to do it. You lead simply because you made a declaration to yourself.  It's like when President J.F.K. made a declaration to put a man on the moon. At the time he had no evidence it could happen, no resources available or no one's approval. He only had his simple unwavering commitment that he made to himself.
Imagine an image of a puppy anchored by a stake to his collar at the park. The puppy can’t run and play, only go in circles around the anchor. The puppy can only observe others enjoying life. Our limiting belief becomes that anchor and we become spectators of life and not participants. We will identify, honor and uproot the limiting belief holding us back from being a participant in life now. Then you will be able to take risk, create connections and produce the income needed to set your own table. 
When your vision comes only from you, it normally is a goal, something within reach if you tried harder or do more. When you 10x your vision your stomach will have butterflies, hands will sweat, and your body will tingle with excitement.  It's your original vision stretched by others belief in you and feedback on the process. Stretched so far that you cannot simply do more or try harder. Your 10x vision will require a team, a clear plan, and an arrival date. Together, we will design it and hold you accountable.
It’s not enough to have an Abundant Mindset, you will need a clear road map and steps on how to live this new commitment. Successful leaders have a clear end goal, monthly milestones, weekly check ins and daily disciplines that get them their success. You too will have this process to guide you to the success your wanting in your faith, fitness, family and finances!
You’ll be interacting in the 4-day intensive with like-minded individuals. Our attendees have created lifelong friendships and business relationships. This alone is worth your investment of time and money.  You will be a part of the top 10% of leaders in the world who have invested in themselves at this level.  
Increase intimacy in relationships, multiply financial income, and miraculously produce more time in the day. Wake up with energy and excitement looking for the gift that each day brings when you have the skillset, community and accountability to live your life to the fullest.
Our Abundance Leadership training is a hands on experience that creates lasting transformation in your life. Many events get you "fired up…"  Abundance Leadership training will transform the way you think and give you the tools to "create the fire" you want in every part of your life.
Experience Power
Sabastian is one of the most interesting people I have met in my career. He is without a doubt one of the strongest professional trainers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He know the material he presents backwards and forwards... And gives energetic, and thought provoking presentations. 

-Arthur S.
Create Authenticity
I can be the father, financial leader of my family, entrepreneur and business owner I dreamed about being since I was a child.  I'm going to be me, here on out.

-Mark T.
 Produce Financially
Sabastian saved me 5+ years of wandering in the huge fog of ideas in my head. He gave me clarity of my vision and values. He is one of the most positive people I've ever met but he will challenge you, stretch you to be uncomfortable because he is taking a stand with you and your vision! He's not kidding when he says he gets you to take action, connects you with your WHY and gets you results.

-Eddie P.
Business and Relationship
I'm not gonna give a bunch of examples of how I took my business from 10k a month to a million a month... Because that's not important to me.  

Whats important is, I was single before I went to Abundance. I'm not single any more. I'm actually engaged, which is a pretty dramatic change in my life.

-Scott A.
Marriage & Family Connection
After my first coaching experience, first training with Sabastian, I walk away a new man… And on top of that, a huge bonus is my marriage it's unbelievable, like I have never imagined before. 

The connection between me and my wife and between me and my kids.. The whole family is connected like never before, and so, man, I am so thankful..

-Ryan L.
Stress & Anger Transformed
I've neglected her, putting my work in front of her. I wasn't providing, financially, and that caused a lot of stress..caused disconnection and not having sex. And I was carrying all this stress, I had a major anger problem, angry all the time, and literally blow up at my kids. 

Sabastian, coaching me and going through the training... the biggest principle that he coached me with is in the area of integrity…now my life has been transformed. 

-Guido H.
This is your one and only chance to apply...
Take control of your life NOW.  Only 10 spots available...
If You Are You Ready To Financially Invest In Yourself:
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